Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sifu Celso Davila and Sifu-Guro Edwin Pagan

Here Sifu-Guru Edwin Pagan and one of his teachers. Sifu Davila was Edwin Pagan"s teacher in Puerto Rico. Edwin spoke very highly of Sifu Davila and his training methods.
Edwin Pagan was a creature that absorbed martial knowledge like a sponge. He got the opportunity of sharing his knowledge about his arts with me. I really enjoyed working out with Sifu-Guru Pagan. Pagan was a good training partner. He was one of my first stick fighting teachers. Edwin Pagan's hero was Bruce Lee. He always aspired to Lee's Ideals. He looked up to Gm Richard Bustillo, Sifu Celso Davila and Sifu Efrain Seda. These were the teachers that showed him the ropes. His students were fortunate to have him as a teacher. It's a shame he left this life at such a young age.
Always the character, Edwin would always find things to laugh about. This was part of his make up. Very pleasant to be around, he had a way of making people feel welcomed. He had a charismatic personality that drew people in like a magnet. Many people wish they had this trait. Peace to all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Kyoshi Frank Pogliani is a Sichi Dan (7th Degree Black Belt) in the NISEI GOJU FAMILY. He trained with the late GM Peter Urban Founder: USA GOJU and Gm. Frank Ruiz Founder: NISEI GOJU. Master Pogliani was known for his expertise, Tamashiwari: the art of breaking. He performed some awesome breaks. I remember seeing him break 5 or 6 hugh marble slabs, a beautiful break as the slabs went through the floor of the gym. Kyoshi Pogliani and his lady Libby live in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. About a month ago Hanshi Steven L, Malanoski, Sensei Luis Antonio Mercado and I went to visit the Kyoshi at his barnhouse. His barn house had a dojo witha body building equiment area, horses, chickens, and deers that would come around to eat the apples off the trees. Kyoshi is a avid hunter. In his house his has the trophies of the hunt on his wall. Pretty far out. It reminded my of the most dangerous game, a movie about a hunter eho hunted humans. There were boar heads and deer heads mounted on wooden plaques.
It was great exchanging knowledge, we learned three bo katas from G.M. Malanoski (he knows his stuff). The form came from the ARAKAKI FAMILY KOBUDO SYSTEM. Malanoski learned a sword form from YANG STLYE OF TAI CHI CHAUN. It was a great weekend for all of us. We enjoyed the country air, tranquility, and the martail knowledge. It was nice to be able to see the stars you can't see in the city. We hope to return sometime before the year is out or in the spring. Thanks Kyoshi Pogliani for sharing your world with us.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Doing the two man set we call the humanized makiwara. Some of the Okinawan systems call these exercises arm pounding. In the photo Sensei Ron Brie (Yon Dan Renshi) practices the set using a Phoenix Fist (one knuckle punch) and simultaneous open hand parry with a a seminar buddy. These exercises are done in stationary postures, as well as, moving forward and back. After this was done, it would be done walking the Pa Kwa Circle. Sensei Brie trained with other teachers and never once did he remove his NISEI patch from his chest. Thank You Sensei Brie. Loyalty to a system and/or its grand master is very important for a martial art system's growth, knowing well that the student's development is of paramount importance.


I used to give seminars at Edwin Pagan's IMB Academy of Orlando. I did a few seminars in the art of NISEI ARNIS JITSU at the IMB Academy and was received with great respect.

In front of the portrait of Lee Jun Fan (Bruce Lee's chinese name) are Sifu Efrain "Quico" Seda, Sifu-Guru Edwin Pagan and myself.
After doing a empty hand part of the seminar at the IMB in Orlando, I was approached by Sifu Efrian Seda. He said the exercises we were doing he learned at the Shaolin Temple in San Francisco. I later found out he spent ten years at the temple as a monk. After hounding the monks at the temple for a couple of weeks he was allowed to become a member of the temple. He worked at the temple for a year before he was taught any martial arts. Before he left the temple he was tested by a council of 12 monks(elders). That must have been tough.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Edwin Pagan is the founder of the TODO EXTREME MARTIAL ART SYSTEM as well as a former member of the IMB (International Martial Arts and Boxing) ACADAMIES under the directorship of Black Belt Hall of Famer, Grand Master Richard Bustillo (Chairman: Jeet Kune Do Society) from Carson, California. Training over 27 years Sifu-Guru Pagan became a leading authority of Jeet Kune Do's second generation. He also trained with Sifu Celso Davila and Sifu Efrain "Quico" Seda. His life was that of a man who was dedicated to the development of his mind and body. In great shape for his martial arts pratice, Sifu-Guro Pagan was determined to start his own style. On my advice, he started forming his own martial art system, TODO EXTREMO, consisting of long, mid, and short fighting range methods.
Edwin is also my cousin on my mother side. As a young kid, he would always say, I want to do the martial arts like you. There was no stopping him. Soon, he found himself practicing the arts of war that we cherish. Edwin was my closest cousin. He also taught me some of the skills he learned from his mentor and teacher GM Richard Bustillo and some of his other teachers. Sifu-Guro Pagan will be missed by all of us who knew and loved him. Palante mi querido primo en la gloria. Rest In Peace.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Halloween Night , I was V from the movie "V for Vendetta". A very powerful movie about the United Kingdom's future totalitrian Government and its downfall.

A great movie, I recommend you see it (I saw it three times). Good fight scenes and the dialog was eloquent. V carries with a set of knifes, which he throw with deadly accuracy and his emty hands skills are great. The eloquence in which V speaks has a flowing beauty that only the most strong and sensitive poet can utter.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Last weekend, I was visited by my black belt from California, Julian Summerhill and his lady Margo. Being that they lives in the San Francisco area, I rarely get a chance to see them. We had a wonderful dinner at, probably, the classiest resturant in Chinatown, the PEKING DUCK HOUSE. The duck was succulent and the company was great.
In the photo with me are Margo, Jullian Summerhill and Steve Malonoski.
We spoke about the possiblity of their returning to NEW YORK. Well, Julian and Margo, We look forward to your return to NYC and the Dojo. We miss you guys.