Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I would like to send my regards to those brothers and sisters who travel east and do the work of the Grand Architect of the Universe.

We at the University of the Streets and the Nisei Goju Martial Arts Systems are having a fund raiser on January 14, 2010 from 5:30 PM until ? for our continual survival in our service to the community.

The fund raiser will feature music performed by various jazz bands, fusion bands and vocalists. We will also have a silent auction of art work done by the member of the art community, as well as objects donated for the purpose raising funds. In addition to these, we will serve food and drinks. You can become a Patron, Sponsor, Friend, or if you desire to purchase individual tickets @ $25.
We here at the University of the Streets and the Nisei Goju Martial Arts are very proud of the work we have done in the community turning some lives around in our efforts to better their lives. We look forward to our continued work for the people of the lower east side, the East Villiage and NYC. With your help we will be able to reach a larger population with our message and also develop new programs. Looking forward to seeing you at the Preservation Campaign Fund Raiser.

You can also donate online through PAYPAL at our website: http://www.universityofthe streets.org

Happy Holidays from all of us at the University of the Streets and Nisei Goju Martial Arts.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

St Croix's New Nisei Goju Group

Before I start, I would like to send my best wishes to my brothers and sisters who travel east and do the work of the Grand Architect of the Universe.

After having discarded the BAD, I visited the U.S. Virgin Island of St Croix to, as they say, keep the GOOD. I left N.Y.C. at 8:55 AM and arrived on the Island about 6:00 PM. I was greeted, at the Airport, by second degree black belt, Sempai Maritza Rijos, the leader of New Nisei Goju Group in St. Croix. After settling in the place in which I stayed, we went right away to a public outdoor training area in Vialco Park.

While there for a couple hours, we reviewed the katas (forms) and kihon (Basic skills) not taught by the group's previous instructor. It's good to have a sincere representative, who is loyal to the system. Many masters say, in order to give life meaning you must do something that is greater than the yourself. We are very proud of the work she is doing to preserve the Nisei Goju Tradition set forth by its founder, the honorable Grand Master Frank Ruiz.
There, I taught a number of classes for the students. During these classes, not only did we review katas and the kihon, we went over class structure from warm up to cool down activities.
The class also cover ippon kumite(one step sparring exercises) and free style kumite(fighting). With two-two hour class in the morning and late afternoon on each of those days. The last class, we held on Sunday, lasted for about four hours with the review of the weekends work, as well as, review of some weapons(Bo, Sais, Katana) katas. Hope they enjoyed the feedback. I also got a chance to spar with some of the colored belts of the group, that was fun. I was also afforded the opportunity to watch Sempai Rijos work out that Saturday morning (7 to 10 AM), with the US Virgin Island's Olympic Tae Kwan Do under Coach Eugene Phipps, a competent Martial Artist and genuine person. To be part of any Olympic Team is an honor for the participant who represents their land in the games. Sempai Rijos: YOU GO GIRL!!!
All in all, I had a good trip and got a lot of work done.
May the Grand Architect of the Universe keep the New Nisei Group in the palm of his hand and keep them working, serving their community for Nisei Goju Ryu.

Photos Left to Right:
Sempai Maritza Rijos and Hanshi Roldan in front of the Nisei Battle Flag

Group Photo Left to Right:
Front row(kneeling) Clarissa Cotto, Shermaine Richmond, Makai O. James
Second row (on one knee)Richard Ince, Lyshaniz Ince, Micah J. Mims,
Robert A. Mims
Standing: Sempai Maritza Rijos and Hanshi Wilfredo Roldan
Missing In Action: Sheriffa Ahamad, Dionera Alibocas, Ariel Alibocas, Jasmine Meri Nieves, Javier Iram Edwards, and Vanessa Lynn Maldonado

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Web Site Update - www.niseinyc.com

I would like to send my respect to all those brothers and sisters who travel East and do the work of the Grand Architect of the Universe.
I am reworking my website and waiting for some of the Nisei Goju Ryu members in good standing to send my their bios and photo.
All instructor who do not submit their dues for the year will be removed from the site. Once again, I would to thank all the members that are in good standing for their support.

The picture here is that of Senior Renshi Daniel Lemus and his Nisei Kids. By the way, Renshi Lemus is a member in good standing of the Nisei Goju Family. Thank you Renshi Lemus. Click on photo to enlarge.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmaster Frank Ruiz 1934-1995

Salutations to those who travel east and do the work of the Grand Architect of the Universe.

Grand Master Frank Ruiz, Founder of Nisei Goju Ryu, July 2, 1934 - June 20th 1995. He would have been 66 years today.
He was credited for having assembled some of the many karate champions of the era under one battle flag, the Nisei Goju Ryu Organization. Grand Master Ruiz's history in the martial arts is well documented.
I was a brown belt when I first met the grand master. I was taken to the Master Skipper Ingham's mid-town Dojo by Master Owen Watson (my 1st teacher). Grand Master Ruiz looked at me and asked Master Watson, "What's he doing here?". Master Watson said, " for disciplinning!". I thought OH! Sh*t and some other choice words. What the hell did I do? I never found out. As soon as I stepped on the floor, the grand master called me over to do kumite (sparring).
The next thing I knew, my face and head were between his foot and the floor. That was an awesome experience. Thanks for touching our lives and for giving us the memories.

Photo: Circa 1964- Martial arts demonstration on Staten Island, N.Y.C.
left to right: Grand Master Frank Ruiz and his first black belt, Master Carlos Serrano.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The year: August 1994 The magazine: Inside Kung Fu. I wrote a letter that was published in the Martial Arts Insider magazine.
The letter was titled "Hall of Fame or Shame". Reading the letter will give you a better idea of what I'm speaking of.
After corespondance from St. Croix, I received a phone call from a Joshua Espinal and made plans for him to visit the Nisei Goju Hombu Dojo to train in Nisei Goju system for only a week. I recognized his 2nd degree black belt rank. I had learn much later that he had already accepted a 5th degree black in karate and he was co-founder a martial art style called Kaze Senshi. After I googled the name, I found that the name came out of Manga. That's basically a Japanesse Anime (cartoon). I also found Japanesse lyrics from Kaze No Senshi (Song). What a way to name a martial art system. Awarding a young man such a rank was and still is a disservice to the Martial Arts. As for the so called masters who did the diservice, you know who you are, shame on you.

Last year I was approach by one of the grandmasters I knew in the US Virgin Islands, who told me that Mr. Espinal was wearing a fifth degree black belt and my insigner. The photo above shows Mr. Espinal in the middle wearing a Renshi 4th or 5th Dan rank (red and white belt) that I did not approve of. These kinds of ranks are held by older men and not young boys. That's right, in my humble opinion, he was and is still too young for such a rank.

In his desire to achieve notoriety in the martail arts, he has lied to the entire martial art community about his real affiliation with Nisei Goju. He has lied to the people of St Croix and as well as his own students.

This past year he came to New York realizing his error, he said he would rectify the situation. Another lie, as he never corrected his mistake to the public. It was during his last trip to New York City that I realized that he was an incompetent practitioner of the arts.

This past May, I visited his group in St. Croix and came realized again, that he was not doing the right thing for Nisei Goju and continued, after I left, to do the same. Doing the right thing was never in his plans.

I can honestly say that I made a mistake in recognizing him as a sensei in the art that I hold so dear. This past week I received another call from this impostor, saying "you no longer have a Nisei Goju Group in St Croix, thanks for your help".

I can only wonder what other untruths he has spoken about his life in the military, as well as the martial arts. So, he did not destroy the documents of his fantasy nor his renshi obi (5th Dan red and white belt) as he said he did. The best thing he did for Nisei Goju Ryu was to leave and restart his fantasy. I told him to build a reality and not a fantasy. He couldn't even do that right.

So, Espinal, all I can say is, you have disgraced the martial arts and "MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU"

Next Blog will be about the new Nisei Goju group in St. Croix

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Monday, June 1, 2009


Respects and best wishes to those who travel east and do the work of the Grand Architect of the Universe.
The next adanced class will held on Sunday, June 28, 2009 at the Hombu Dojo of the Nisei Goju Martial Arts Systems. Open to all martials artists with brown belt and above. Class cover falling skill, throwing tecniques, locks, and the practical application inherent in the goju katas. There will also be a question and answers session. So come and learn and share knowledge. For information call me at the Nisei Goju Ryu Martial Arts World Headquarters at 212 674 - 6477. Looking forward to seeing you there.

This weekend we'll be going to the NYC CHALLENGE INVITATIONAL in Brooklyn , New York. for information
http://www.rullangojuryu.com/ and click on EVENTS.

Respectful Hands,
Hanshi Roldan

Photo: Hanshi Roldan applies choke on Brendan Burke

Thursday, April 23, 2009


These guys in the pictures are my training buddies in the weight room of the hombu dojo of Nisei GoJu Ryu.

From left to right are:
Brian Duncan CEO BrionX International Partners in Public Relations, Myself, Actor and Restauranteur Micheal Wright, and
Sensei Luis Mercado 4th Dan Renshi Nisei Goju.

It good to have training buddies to work out with. We have a great time while we maintain our fitness levels.

The next NISEI GOJU RYU ADVANCED CLASS will be held at the Nisei Goju World Headquarters on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York. The workshop is open to members of the martial arts community ranking brown belt and above. For information please call 212 674- 6477. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I would like to send my respects to all my brothers who travel east. Remembering that dojos are the free mason organizations of the martial arts, we must remember our responsibilities to our service to society.

Last July, I retired from my teaching career and became an associate partner of BRI'ON'X - PARTNERS IN PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNATIONAL - "IT'S HOW THE WORD GETS OUT". For information please go to: www.myspace.com/brionx . Right now, BrionX is involve in a civil action against the City of Danbury, Connecticut and the Danbury Housing Authority for discriminatory tactics used against it tenants. http://www.newstimes.com/localnews/ci_11902639

I met with Hanshi Malanoski the morning of Thursday, March 12, 2009. He accompanied me to a protest in front of the Housing Authority of the City of Danbury, Connecticut. There we met with the Danbury People's Action Comittee for the Preservation For Public Housing and the CEO of Bri'On'X, Brian Duncan. In the spirit of justice, we at Bri'On'X, thank Hanshi Malanoski for standing up with us and the people of Danbury against injustice.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This passed weekend I hosted the Nisei Goju Ryu System's Advance class for members of the martial arts community ranked brown belt and above. The class began with falling skills for safety. Than continued with the break down of the jujitsu inherent in the katas of the goju style.

Everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks to those who attended and hope you got something new to work on. It was nice to have Hanshi Steven "Iron Hands" Malanoski of Shobudo Goju Jitsu (the original) and Hanshi Kevin McGrath of Little Dojo in attendance. Others in attendance were Sensei Luis Mercado (NYC), Sensei Joshua Espinal and Sempai Maritza "Tiger Woman" Rijos From the United States Virgin Island of St Croix, Sempai Mark Muhammed (East Orange, New Jersey), Sempai Carl Marin (Brewster, New York), Evan Baker (NYC), Sensei John Garavuso (NYC), Brenden Burke (NYC), and John Santiago (Long Island).

These classes will be held every fourth sunday of the month. Brown belts and above from any martial arts style are welcomed.

Photos above:

Hanshi Roldan corrects Mark Muhammed as
Sensei Joshua Espinal looks on.
Hanshi Roldan strikes up a conversation with
Hanshi McGrath.
Group shot.
Hanshi Roldan corrects side falling technique.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I would like to wish everyone a Happy Inauguration of our New Leader, in this moment of history, President Barack Hussain Obama. The time has come for all men to come to the aid of their country. God Bless America. A proud day for America to see the first American with African roots take the oath of the President of the United States of America. Stand tall America!

In Celebrating the new president, we must all find common ground for our mutual growth and Unity. NISEI GOJU RYU is proud invite all to our monthly advanced classes in the ju jitsu applications of the goju katas and well as a well rounded stand up ju jitsu education.
The class will open to all members of the martial arts community with ranks Brown Belts and above. Class will happen on the fourth Sunday of each month, starting Sunday, February 22, 2009. It will begin at 1 pm and end at 4 pm. It will cover a wide range of skills, including basic throwing and falling techniques, joint locks, Etc. Representatives from the US Virgin Islands, India, and various locations in the United States will be in attendance.

For information please call the Nisei Goju Hombu Dojo anytime at 212- 674- 6477.

The photo above was taken, when I did the cover of the Official Karate Magazine's Year Book. The man with me is Sensei Moses Boone who resides in California. Sensei Boone was my dojo brother back in the day.
PS. Don't forget to call for information about the advanced classes.

Coming soon in the beginning of May, I will be hosting three hour bo staff seminar. Look for it in your email.