Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I would like to wish everyone a Happy Inauguration of our New Leader, in this moment of history, President Barack Hussain Obama. The time has come for all men to come to the aid of their country. God Bless America. A proud day for America to see the first American with African roots take the oath of the President of the United States of America. Stand tall America!

In Celebrating the new president, we must all find common ground for our mutual growth and Unity. NISEI GOJU RYU is proud invite all to our monthly advanced classes in the ju jitsu applications of the goju katas and well as a well rounded stand up ju jitsu education.
The class will open to all members of the martial arts community with ranks Brown Belts and above. Class will happen on the fourth Sunday of each month, starting Sunday, February 22, 2009. It will begin at 1 pm and end at 4 pm. It will cover a wide range of skills, including basic throwing and falling techniques, joint locks, Etc. Representatives from the US Virgin Islands, India, and various locations in the United States will be in attendance.

For information please call the Nisei Goju Hombu Dojo anytime at 212- 674- 6477.

The photo above was taken, when I did the cover of the Official Karate Magazine's Year Book. The man with me is Sensei Moses Boone who resides in California. Sensei Boone was my dojo brother back in the day.
PS. Don't forget to call for information about the advanced classes.

Coming soon in the beginning of May, I will be hosting three hour bo staff seminar. Look for it in your email.