Thursday, February 12, 2015

Historical Goju Photographs

A couple of old photos from the days before USA & Nisei Goju.  Here in the first photo(Circa 1964.) We have then then Senseis Carlos Serrano and Chuck Merrimen as a Ni Dan. This photo was taken in a big hall on St. Marks Avenue in the bronx.      
  In the second photo we have Sensei Carlos Serrano in the first dojo that was blessed by Grand Master Ruiz as a Nisei Goju Dojo. The name of the dojo was Wa-re Sen Dojo(My instructor's dojo.)  The Wa-Re Sen Dojo was first establish Spanish Harlem on 110 street and Second Avenue in the Franklin Plaza Housing Development.  This where Grand Master Frank Ruiz was the head of security. In the photo with Sensei Carlos Serrano was Frank Rivera.  I remember the first  Dojo Shiai in Franklin Plaza.  The Serrano Brother(Joe and Carlos) did an awesome demonstration of Sanchin Kata, that ended up a self defense sequence.  More photos coming Soon! Respectful Hands, Wilfredo Roldan, Hanshi Nisei Goju International the Original.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Search for the Truth: Homeward Bound Road

I would like to rewelcome Sensei Sam Lewis back to the Nisei Goju System.  Sensei Sam  Lewis and I grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, aka Loisiada & Aphabet City.  We went to the same junior high school, high school and both started in the martial arts in the mid-sixties.  I quess you can say we go back to when the Dead Sea was sick.                                      Our search for the truth has led us on a journey of self discovery. Sensei Lewis trained with then instructor of Nisei Goju, Chaka Zulu, until he decided to leave the system to form his own style. Sensei Lewis  then went to Rico Guy's dojo for many years and found his way back to Nisei Goju International World Headquarters.  Sensei Lewis has always been a friend and always welcomed to our dojo.  He walked into the dojo giving proper respect, a big brotherly hug, and sat down next to me.  I asked him what was going on with this surprise visit.  He made a request to sport the Nisei Goju colors again.  I asked him, why me.  He told me he was tired of running around and wanted to come back home  to Nisei Goju.  I said, Brother Lewis, If Lebron James can go back home to Cleveland, Ohio. So can Sensei Sam  Lewis come back to Nisei Goju. This is his journey.                                                Sometimes our search for truth always leads us back home.  The road returning home had thorns we stepped on, our wounds will heal.  WELCOME HOME SENSEI LEWIS