Thursday, October 25, 2007


This photo was sent to me by Sensei Kevin Fookes who spent some time in Ed Parker's Kenpo system and is a ranking black belt in that style. Grand Master Frank Ruiz spoke very highly of GM Parker. Meeting this legend of the martial arts was a pleasure to say the lease.
In the photo (left to Right)are:
Sensei Kevin Fookes, Sifu Pat Yax, Grand Master Ed Parker and and Sifu Tom Elmore
Kevin Studied Kenpo with Sifus Pat Yax and Tom Elmore.


This is Sensei Kevin Fookes, Renshi, doing a flying side kick, back in his younger days.
A true son of NISEI GOJU, Kevin, after the death of Grand Master Ruiz, he called and pledged loyalty to the NISEI SYSTEM and its new grand master. Thank you Kevin!!!!
Others who trained with Hanshi Frank Ruiz, also pledged to do the same,but fell very short of doing anything that even resembled loyal acts. A few of those people either went to new organizations or started their own version of the goju style. There are those who say Goju Ryu, but when you see them work, do you see goju. I don't think so. You know who you are.
We wish these instructors the very best in martial arts.

Monday, October 22, 2007


This photo I found of Doctor Dennis Tartakow doing kata at Rex Lee's Tournament. Grand Master Ruiz lived with Dennis for a couple of years before he found his own his own place. We thank Dennis for his service to the Grand Master
Dennis and his wife Tammy live in sunny California. We wish them the very best.
In the back ground judging are Manny Saavedra, G.M. Frank Ruiz (in Ref Shirt) and Alex Saavedra.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


During the early seventies, GM. Harry Rosenstein (then, future Founder: Kan Zen Goju), sponsered the first of the NISEI tournaments helded at the Regina Center in Brooklyn, New York. This is a group picture of the Nisei Family of that era..

First Row kneeling (left to right):
unknown, Tony Catapano, Louis Jackson, Micheal Di Ramundo, James "Baby Doll" Berry, Rory Calhound, Chester Nathan Cattouse, Raymond Nunez, Marty Manuel.

Second Row (on one knee): Sidney Abraham (behind Jackson), Jose Orjeda, Moses Boone, Kenny Feeman ( behind Manuel)

Third Row (standing): Charles Furillo, Rupert O' Brian,Wilfredo Roldan (present head of NISEI), Frank Fair, Ronald M. Taganashi (then, future Founder: American-Te), Herbie Thompson, Crystal, Earl Monroe, Chaka Zulu (then, future Founder: ZuJitsu Ryu), Joseph Artesi, Irwin Margo (Magician).

Fourth Row (standing head shots): Rudy Winkflied, Tommy Graham, Dan Sullivan, Joe Richardson, Harry Rosenstein, Frank Ruiz (sorry he was looking away), Jerry Gardner.


In the early seventies, every Sunday, I used to go to train with the Founder of the Goshindo Kempo Karate & Samurai Jiu Jitsu Association, Grand Master Pete Siringano (1928-1994). A long way to travel to learn some really good stuff. Continuing in his father's traditions is Grand Master Pete Siringano II.

I give thanks for the experiences I have had in the Hombu dojo of the Samurai Jiu Jitsu System. I don't remember the ones in the photo, but that's me in the forefront and dead center. The work outs were ferocious and real to life. I learned a lot from one of the founding fathers of east coast martial arts. GM Frank Ruiz and GM Pete Siringano were known as the Damon and Pythias of the martial arts world. GM. Pete Siringano I turned over his systems to his son, my brother in arms and my good friend Pete Siringano II. Keep kicking it Pete!


Getting ready to leave for Florida are Duncan Munro (United Kingdom), Ron Brie (USA), Mark Brodsky the limo driver and myself (in shorts).
Duncan Munro, former V.P. for Pepsi Cola, runs the Fuller Brewry in England. He is also my representative in the U. K.
Ron Brie is a Junior Renshi in the NISEI SYSTEM and a Long Term Care Specialist (
Mark Brodsky the driver, was a member of the dojo during that time. He ran a few flower shops , was an excellent florist and student of NISEI GOJU.
I had a great time with Ron and Duncan while visiting Grand Master Ruiz at his home and at the tournament.


It was great being able to hang with the grand master at the tournament. Sensei Daniel Lemus and unknown person here being advised by Hanshi F. Ruiz. Sensei Lemus is a Senior Renshi in the Nisei System. Sensei Lemus is one of black belts of NISEI that return into the true fold of NISEI.
The NISEI family is begining to see an international resurgence with the reestablishment of Dojos in the Virgin Island of St Croix under Sensei Joshua Espinal and our first dojo in India with Sensei Sreenivasulu Konda of Hyderabad.
We're looking for a few good instructor who care about true standards as a united system of martial arts. If anyone is interested in reaffiliating with our martial family, call me anytime at 212 674 6477.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


With me are my good friends Steven Malanoski (Shobudo GoJu Jitsu) and Manny Saavedra (Sansei Goju Ryu). My two martial art bothers in arms are knowledgable in the martial arts. I have great respect for these men of combat. They have shown me alots of stuff in and out of the martial arts.

Malanoski know his weapons and taught me some new stuff. You all know how I like to get new martial information for the data bank. We had a wonderful time at the tournament.


Front Row (left to right):
Bill Wendell , Ron Brie, Louis Jackson, G.M. F. Ruiz, Manny Saavedra (behind Ruiz), Hanshi Harry Rosenstein, W. Roldan (on one knee), Doctor Dennis Tartakow (on floor)
Second Row (standing):
Louis Fernandez, unknown, Daniel Lemus, unknown, Larry Mabson (behind Jackson), Ulysses "POP" Wynn,
S. Rosenstein, Ivan Lewis
Back Row:
Kevin Fookes, Doctor Andrew "The Butcher" Levy, Ref John Walcott
Ref shirts from Frank Ruiz's Martial Arts Congress. It was nice to see all these people together at the tournament. If you recognized the unknowns please let me know

Monday, October 15, 2007


Bruce Rubin was an teacher for the New York City Department of Education, a photographer, master diver (search and rescue), and a SanDan (3rd degree black belt) in the NISEI GOJU SYSTEM.

Bruce was a man of stature. One of the fearless men that traveled all over the world for real knowledge of the places one only dreams about. I could only name few of the place he has visited. Places like Africa, the Middle East, China, and I think Tibet, all sounded fascinating. The momentos his came back home with were totally awesome. One of my favorites was a monkey or human skull with silver and jewels that were inlayed. Some fine work of Art.
He was a great teacher of children, who also taught me some stuff about education. We lost Bruce in 2003. He is survived by his Wife Sondra and daugthers Jennifer and Lily. Here he is with some of his students (Lily is in his right arm) in the old Brewster Dojo of Nick Spennicchia.
We will all miss this gentle giant .


In front of the pictures of the masters, Sensei Mercado and I were having a Good ole time at the NISEI GOJU HOMBU DOJO.
With me for over 25 years, Luis Mercado is a fourth Dan Renshi in our martial family. One of the few people I trust. Always a realist to the ways of of NISEI GOJU (Practical Application) and an a herbalist, we thank him for his remedies.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Martial Arts Insider- Tales from the Road Page 1

This is a story that appeared in the magazine MARTIAL ARTS INSIDER- MAY/JUNE 2002.
I was talking to Shihan Carlos Velez, who is a martial arts journalist. He told me that it was about time for me to write about my martial arts exploits.
Thinking of what he said, I remember F. Ruiz, reiterating that at my level of training, "The pen is mightier that the sword". P. G. Urban also told me the same thing in his own word as follows "Publish or perish".
My student and friend Duncan Munro flew me out to the capital of Russia. Thanks Duncan, you will never be forgotton. Allow me to take you on this trip to the former Soviet Union. Read and enjoyed my writings. Please click on images on the left to enlarge.

Martial Arts Insider- Tales from the Road Page 2

Martial Art Insider- Tales from the Road page 3


This photo was taken at a tournament honoring Grand Master F. Ruiz. I had the honor and the privilage wheeling F. Ruiz around that day. I took care of my teacher that weekend and accompanied him all over the place.
Lots of Nisei people and well as other martial artists were in attendance. Rex Lee (Lee Jitsu Ryu) hosted the event and it was a success. In the picture with me are F. Ruiz and S.L. Malanoski (Shobudo "The origenal" GoJu Jitsu). It was a pleasure to be with the grand master that weekend. We spoke alot about the future of NISEI GOJU and the direction he wanted it to go. In the Florida area F. Ruiz trained a lot of masters in their own right. Some of these masters have started their own Styles. GM. Ruiz taught martial artist from all styles. He turned non fighters into fighters and non martial artist in martial artist of the highest order. He was a great motivator. My best wishes to those that are no longer part of the NISEI FAMILY.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

BODHIDHARMA - Warrior Prince of India

This is an image of Bodhidharma, who was credited for bringing Chan (Zen) Buddhism and the martial Arts from India to the Shaolin Temple in China. It is said, that he taught the "Eighteen Hands of the Lohan", Origrnal Chi Kung Exercise. Chi (KI in Japanese) means Energy and Kung means Development. Ergo chi kung means Energy development.
Sanchin Kata is one of the Chi kung exercises taught in the Nisei Goju System.
Sanchin means Three Battles or spirits and it is done with the dynamic tensioning of the muscular anatomy. Having its own internal mantra this kata unifies mind, body, and spirit with the proper breathing technique. Shime are the skills used to test the person practicing the dynamic tension exercise.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is Sensei Sreenivasulu Konda, who is my chief representative in India. He is a San Dan (3rd degree Black Belt)
in the Nisei Family. He lives in the city of Hyderabad, India with his wife Swapna and daugther Laximiamshitha. After communcating with konda, he traveled to the World Head Quarters of the of NISEI GOJU SYSTEM to train.

We are all looking forward to seeing Konda at our family gathering of warriors. I will finally get to meet his family
of which, I only saw pictures.

We all wish Konda and his Family the very best as he grows strong in the NISEI GOJU FAMILY.

It's great to have him with us. Coming from the land of BodhiDarma(Tamo in Chinese, Daruma in Japanese), the holy man who is said to have brought Chan Budhism and martial arts to china from India, where it all began. We have come full circle

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Black Belt Magazine Cover Nov 1969

Louis Delgado was an icon of the Nisei System. Here, he is on the cover of Black Belt Nov. 69. Having a martial artist of east coast origin on the cover of Black Belt was a rare occurrence back in the day. We were all proud of him as he represented Nisei Goju. I used to watch in awe, as he worked out. Proficient kata man, he was hell of a fighter. He fought all the champions of his day. He even beat Chuck Norris, the lone wolf.
Delgado was one of my martial arts heroes, as well as, the hero many other children who practised martial arts.
Being on the mat with him was fun and educational. A Martial arts legend, I appreciated his advise as a younger brother in the arts. WE WILL MISS HIM. R.I.P

Monday, October 8, 2007


This photo was taken after I did a seminar at Sensei Daniel Lemus's Dojo at a recreation center. Sensei Lemus is one of my chiefs in the Florida and my senior renshi. I really had a wonderful time with children of his dojo. After the workout I took photos with the children and it was great. The children really enjoyed the after seminar activities. The children are our future, so teach them well.

Sensei Lemus has been with the Nisei Family for a long time. He has established Nisei Dojos for over twenty five years. Some are still in the same locations. You all know how rare that is. We are very happy to have back in the fold of the NISEI FAMILY.

Keep up the good work Sensei Lemus. I look forward to doing another seminar at his dojo.


Who we have here with me are Sensei Daniel Lemus (Senior Renshi Nisei Goju) and Grand Master Steven Leroy Malanoski (Founder: Shobudo "the Original" GoJu Jitsu) on the day Malonoski's had a seminar at the Hombu Dojo of the NISEI GOJU MARTIAL ARTS. The seminar was attended by high ranking member of the goju community in the U.S and abroad.

It was a pleasure to have these men in my dojo.

Grand Master Peter Urban would always say "Give us this day, our daily work". If I may be bold to add to that statement, without daily work there is no daily bread.

In every martail artist's life, there is always room for more knowledge and growth. When a martial artist stop learning, that the end of their martial evolution.


Who we have are Sensei Lemus (Nisei Go Ju) and Hanshi Malanoski (Shobudo Go Ju Jitsu-Founder). April 2006 at the hombu dojo of NISEI GOJU MARTIAL ARTS. The event was a seminar with Grand Master Manaloski, which was attended by high ranking goju black belts from the in the U.S. and abroad. The seminar cover practical application of Kata Empi Ha. A very good seminar. During the seminar Sensei Lemus pull a hamstring muscle. I hope it healed. Back to work everyone.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Official Karate Magazine Year Book Cover 1974

I was fortunate to be able train with some of the founding fathers of the American Martial Arts Movement. Here I am on the Cover of Official Karate Magazine YearBook 1974. I thank my teachers for the lessons they taught me. I could not have made it without them.

My first teacher was Sensei Owen Watson, who introduced me to Grand Master Frank Ruiz(Nisei Goju founder), when I was a green belt. Grand Master Ruiz would send me later to train with Grand Master Peter Urban (USA Goju founder) and then to Grand Master Peter Siringano (founder: Samurai Ju jitsu/Goshin Do Kempo Karate). Later on, I was granted permission to trained with Florendo Ma Calruz Visiacion (Founder of the Vee Arnis Jitsu Systems).

Nisei Goju Chest--What Does It Represent

This is the chest patch of the Nisei GoJu Ryu practitioner. It was design by Carlos Serrano and approved by Grand Master Ruiz, Nisei GoJu Ryu's founder. What the Nisei emblem (chest patch) represents. White represents the purity of the cause. Red represent the blood that is shed in combat. Black represents the fraternal order of Black Belts. The five rays of the Sun represents the five steps of life in the martial arts. White Belt- Life of Humility, Green Belt - Life of Labor, Purple Belt -Life of Service, Brown Belt - Life of Prayer and Gratitude, Black Belt - Life of Meditation

Saturday, October 6, 2007

All Choked Up

This photo was taken by Joe Griffin for Official Karate Magazine cover. Don't remember the exact year it was published. I do remember that it took a whole roll of film (32 Pics) and the photographer urging Grand Master Frank Ruiz to make a mean face. I quess you can say I was all choked up.


Hello everyone, this is my first posting. Please visit for more information on Nisei Goju. In the Nisei System we do karate, ju jitsu, arnis, and kobudo(weapons), Tai Chi Chuan and the Tai Chi Sword.
Nisei Goju was founded in 1969 by Frank Ruiz and Harry Rosenstein (founder: Kan Zen Goju Ryu). Come back and see us, to see any future postings on the nisei goju system.
Here, I am in front of the Battle of the Imperial Japanese Navy, which incidently is use as the emblem for the NISEI GOJU SYSTEM.
I remember Grand Master Ruiz receiving a Japanese battle flag from Paul Honda (original owner of Honda Martial Arts Supply), who said "you put this flag on the karate map, you did us proud". Please Click on any image to enlarge.